January 13, 2004

This Man Is The Very Definition Of "Will-Power". Scroll down to see side-by-side comparisons photos...

What I like is that he doesn't wallow in self-loathing regarding his "Before" OR lord it over us mortals about his "After"--- he just STUCK TO HIS GOAL DAILY. And it seemed to pay off...

  • I found the day-by-day animation most interesting, mostly because I was trying to spot how long he'd go without changing his underpants. One time (I estimate about April) he goes four days. And some time in the middle, he inexplicably turns into Iain Duncan Smith. A sexy Iain Duncan Smith.
  • I don't even know who that guy IS, BBF, but he sounds British and therefore I want to BE him. My ass is eighty-nine feet wide. What is that in meters?
  • Talk about your extreme commitment. And that guy has the weirdest knees I've ever seen.
  • 100 feet = 30.48 meters. Feel better now? And, Diz, I don't recommend stair climbing to optimize ass size unless you're skinny everywhere else. I had such a nice posterior till I had to climb apartment stairs and the dreaded AEROBIC STARS at work several times a day. The increased bun dimension made my pleasantly zaftig figure look really gross. Maybe you should try swimming. (Swimmers' muscles are so sexy.)
  • Dear Dizzy -- cut back on the poptarts at once!
  • Beeswacky-- That is just crazy talk. Them little bundles of nutritional harvest are what keeps this active guy in the go-go-go!
  • What's even weirder is that, just before he turns into Iain Duncan Smith, he briefly becomes Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys. "Day Forty Two. Have bought new pants! Soon, I will become the ubermensch... and all shall worship me!!!" Of course, this dude took some slightly more extreme steps. But he too has will-power. And an irritating website.
  • As a trainer, I can tell you that a daily program really WILL work, although this guy has clearly had a remarkable difference... diet and supplements are playing a big part here. Kudos. I'll look over your regiment. But dude, chill on the bronzer.
  • From this page: Anyone who wants to lose fat should start by eating about 10 times their body weight Gah! in calories each day. Oh.
  • He's still at it, and if you look the present pictures. Quite something.
  • Looks like addiction by the end.
  • It's amazing how working out will make your skin turn a creepy unnatural copper color.
  • Dang, where is that high carbs, high sugar diet I've been looking for?