January 12, 2004

David Hasselhoff, love him (Geocities and NSF-Anybody) or hate him.
  • I... uh... Uhhh... *passes out*
  • Say whachoo want about Hass, but you best step off when you start to jigger with my man John Tesh. Such soft, soft hands....
  • There are... no words... to describe this! I can think of some.
  • Holy Hasselhoff! That site -- it's just....just....Hassel-rififc!
  • John Tesh got into a fistfight one time, and kicked the cornflakes outta Hasselhoff. My dad told me.
  • We need to have some designation for threads that, after viewing the links within, you really ought to partake of a shot of hard liquor. This is one of those pages. *takes shot of whisky*
  • NSWOB?
  • Judge adds "Staying away from David Hasselhoff is probably good advice for anyone."
  • Did it say anything about recursive images?!?!
  • The day after his wife accused him of domestic violence, David Hasselhoff pleaded no contest early Thursday to a DUI charge and was ordered to spend six months in an alcohol program. Also, the SciFi channel will be rerunning the 80's nukeyoolar made-for-tv-movie "The Day After" tonight. Coincidence?
  • Hoff and Di sittin' in a tree . . .
  • Strolling up to princes and saying "Hey, I knew your Mom" is a skill I could never perfect. I suspect it is given only to the likes of Der Werzog and The Hoff. Y'know, guys with articles in their names.
  • she was a little girl... Umver!!
  • guys with articles in their names. ...The Donald... yep, you're right.
  • Hoff and Di sittin' in a tree . . . Paul Burrell says that Princess Diana had ambitions to become the first lady of the United States. Does this mean that the Hoff is going to run for office?
  • "She knew a billionaire in America, and she suggested to him that if they were together. … His yearning to run in politics could lead to the White House, that one day she could be the first lady and she'd visit Britain on a state visit," Diana's former butler and confidant said to "Good Morning America's" Kate Snow in an exclusive interview. Dang, she could have totally done it, too.
  • This sort of thing is exactly why I had all of my former butlers killed.