January 12, 2004

German (Dutch?) Woodchuck (Marmot?) Postcards (Wallpaper?)
Amongst the best are this, this and this.
  • Listen up you bean curd cleaver...this is the best one! UNDERSTAND?
  • The "hiiigh so sigh" wallower seems my type.
  • beeswacky want a cookie?
  • *Gulps and gropes about* Delicious. Now, would you have a spare peanut on you, eh, mate?
  • ...and I never use a big, big D!... Still groping...
  • As someone who speaks marginal German, I love this one the best. The only word I know (or the first one that came to mind) that rhymes with Wicken is ficken, and try replacing the "i" with a "u" to translate it. The "Waiting for Godot" one is also cool. Nick linkage. :)
  • How about "die Wicken zum picken"? I of course refuse to rule out that your first thought is correct, tracicle; it is much more amusing that way!
  • jjray, you're right of course, but it wouldn't be half as funny. Also, I'm a pedant and did a search for words ending in "-icken" and found these. Only ficken fits the poem contextually: Liebkosen means to snuggle, Schmusen is to kiss, so ficken is a logical step up...in Germany...
  • But of course. What I meant to say was that it was a double meaning, and for those with no German context, it bore being said that in the context here, the joke is that either word would work (because it makes more sense to pick a plant than to copulate therewith). The only problem I now seem to be encountering is that, like all jokes, once explained it loses all humor whatsoever. So I'll go off and find something better to do, like explaining relativity to a housepet.
  • See, I'm not good enough at German to understand a joke. :)
  • Keine Sorgen, Tracicle. At least, I think that's how it should translate.