January 12, 2004

New warning over monkeypox threat. "The US could face further outbreaks of dangerous monkeypox if the virus has gained a foothold among native animals, say experts."
  • "A pox. A POX, I SAY!! A pox on you monkeys!" EEEEEEEK! Wait. WE'RE the 'native' monkeys. Run, Mofis, RUN.
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEpoxy! Helphelphelp!
  • This is a story my dad told me: Back in the '70s ) his friend, a Jesuit over in Cambodia, transported a bunch of monkeys from Cambodia to Montana, as the monkeys were going to be killed if they weren't removed from the country. They set them up in the Bitter Root, built little shelters for them and the like. Apparently, it used to be legal to bring monkeys over the border. The story goes that they lasted through five years or so of winter, and then a particularly cold one killed them off. Or, perhaps they headed into Glacier. Regardless, it's possible though very unlikely, that there are in fact native monkeys.
  • Pez - it's spread by rodents. The fear is that importing exotic rodents could extend it to native ones.
  • it's spread by rodents. Hey Tracicle, the MonkeyFilter server isn't housed near the MouseFilter, RatFilter, or SabreToothedSquirrelFilter server by any chance, is it?
  • No, not that I know of...
  • **wrings hands with worry** I certainly hope this pox isn't spread by contact. **looks at hands** **wrings hands with soap**