January 12, 2004

jimmy McGrath, Photographer. Flash, and lots of it, but used well..
  • ...should be capital J...
  • To be honest, I didn't think much of the photos, or the design. But the music went well with the Múm CD I was playing.
  • [banana]
  • The design is attractive to look at but forcing potential clients to shovel through so much flash to get a look at your work strikes me as a bad idea. And I agree with Blaise Bailey Finnegan that the photos really aren't all that captivating. I did, however, find the manipulated images that overlay the photos to be pretty neat. Oh and by the way, hi everyone. Pretty nice place you've got going here, tracicle.
  • No way a busy art director would sit through that. Better portfolio piece for the flash designers than the photographer, IMHO.
  • Can't decide whether I like the flash OR the pictures... the overlays are pretty cool in a design sense, but I'm not sure why they're there.
  • Firefox no like de popup. De popup is bad.