January 11, 2004

"Pinnochia: If Only Sigmund Freud Had Known"
The fetish site for men who like women with abnormally long, misshapen, pinnochio-esque noses. "It's an interesting juxtaposition of sexual pride and humiliation." The front page is entirely SFW, but proceed beyond that at your own risk.
  • FCT-- as always, an excellent post! WHAT IN HELL led you to it? I am awed by you.
  • The internet scares me.
  • What Diz said. All my fetishes seem so pedestrian, now. Absolutely no pun intended.
  • stop on by the ol' blog for more of the same. Lord knows I could use some traffic.
  • i know, i know; I'm shameless.
  • Read back a ways into the Freud archives, and you'll find that Freud and Fliess were completely obsessed by noses, to the particular detriment of one of their female patients.
  • Doesn't anyone just HAVE SEX anymore????
  • They do, Fes, but mainly only with people they're attracted to. Mr Fetish has a role to play here, and it's not a new one.
  • The internet certainly tests you on the "too much information" front, doesn't it?
  • I don't know how I made it all the way to 45 and managed to have 4 living children without knowing all the things I didn't know and didn't want to find out on the Intarweb.
  • Puts a whole new spin on Hooters
  • Oh. My. What was I doing in january 11, 2004? Whew. Some of those girls are really appealling.