January 11, 2004

The Bible according to Mayberry RFD?
  • i always thought that what the new testament really needed was a catchy theme song.
  • Well geeze (us?) What can we find in reruns of Three's Company to save us?
  • Why not just turn the Bible into a sitcom? Episode One: "Two Lines That Don't Make a Cross" In which we discover that Mary has some 'splaining to do. Hilarity Ensues Episode Two: "King of the Poos" In which Mary and Joseph confuse Gold, Frankincense and Myhrrh with diaper rash cream. Hilarity ensues. Episode Three: "Father, Son, and Holy Drywall" In which Jesus realizes he's not cut out for the family business. Hilarity Ensues. That's enough for a pilot, isn't it? Apologies in advance to God, who will certainly send me to Hedoublehockeysticks for this.
  • I am biting back so many bitchy asides. "But I'm trying. I'm trying real hard to be a shepherd." - Jules Winfield It seems a little less ridiculous as described by the publisher. (Then I look again at the terrifying Ms. Norman, who has evangelized this program through three states, and think again.) Certainly the source television program has fundie street cred. Best quote from the source article is the pastor of Ms. Norman's church: Truth is truth is truth, wherever it comes from. A commendable attitude, though I must confess to some skepticism. I was curious enough to browse the church's Flash-choked web site, but other than soft-focus graphics, I couldn't find anything there -- anything at all! -- and certainly nothing substantive like the text of homilies online. [walks away, whistling the Mayberry theme]
  • Thanks for the link, goetter. I guess that I was under the impression that the Andy Griffith show was the only holy oldie--but I see on the sidebar that The Beverly Hillbillies, Dick van Dyke, Superman, and Bonanza also "Identify God's Purposes." Think: The Word according to Hoss; Lex Luther a.k.a Satan; The Virgin Mary (Tyler Moore.) The possibilities are almost endless.
  • WWBD? What Would Barney Do?
  • Could be worse. Could be furries.
  • I'm still contemplating the greater implications of the phrase "fundie street cred" (see above).
  • I've always liked the old Gilligan's Island/Seven deadly sins connection.