October 23, 2004

Meet Jack Chick A Catholic writer's encounter with the elusive Jack Chick.

From the website: Recently Chick has ventured out of the world of comic book publishing to produce a feature-length movie titled The Light of the World. I unexpectedly received an invitation to the premier of the movie. Writing movie reviews is a hobby of mine, and the camp value alone of a Chick film would make it worth reviewing, so I made the trek to the premier

  • Good stuff. Had it been me, I would have played the part of a Jesuit assassin.
  • Nice post, thank you.
  • Pity he didn't try to get Chick a bit more riled up. It would have been interesting to see whether the pathos on display in his tracts really roils beneath the calm gentlemanly exterior presented in the article.
  • Here's some pix of Jack T. Chick...
  • From meeting him one would never suspect him to be the most infamous broadcaster of hate and paranoia in the Christian comics world. I never realised that such a world existed, but of course it does. Everything exists on the Internets, I hear that you can even buy wood on it.
  • JTC scares me, but not in the way he intends to.
  • good stuff, the_bone.
  • Anyone read the comics? Apparently the trick in trick or treat was taking a human for sacrifice (and here I thought it was just pooka just playing tricks). Not sure whether I should laugh at the comic or be scared that there are people out there who will read it and believe it all.
  • Great link. Scary man. I am constantly amazed by those who so devotedly hurt other people in their efforts to help them.
  • Very good link. Thankyou.