January 07, 2004

Buy a domain! Anyone feel like shelling out $5-8 for a somewhat handier address?

Yeah, some bastard has got the .com, but there are plenty of other options. I dunno about the whole $8, but I'd go halvsies with somebody.

  • Actually that "bastard" is our very own Kimberely, who is taking good care of it until we're ready for it. So the question is, monkeys, are we ready for it? I think so!
  • Damn. I was afraid I spelled her name wrong. My apologies Kimberly!
  • Whoops! Guess I should have read the page instead of simply noticing it wasn't what I was looking for. My sincere apologies, Kimberly. I'm ready for it!
  • Do Tracicle and Kimberly have a paypal donater thingamabob set up somewhere? Bandwidth and domain names don't grow on no trees, y'all.
  • Tracicle has mentioned it a few times in her blog but for whatever reason hasn't put one up yet. Hello, Tracicle, (and Kimberly) there are Monkeys here who would be happy to throw some cash dollars american/canadian/australian etc. your way to defray costs... Alternatively, Tracicle's birthday is in July, and her Amazon wishlist is linked on her blog...
  • Good point and thanks for the reminder. Kimberly, I meant to email you about this: I'm go for launch. :) Just let me know the details. I'm personally not interested in taking money for the site - I'm not paying any more than I was before MoFi for hosting. I think I said that if I shifted MoFi to a new hosting company (which I won't need to now thanks to the code rewrite), I might consider asking for donations then. But it's not necessary, thanks. Kimberly however has forked out specially for us, so if anyone deserves something, she does.
  • Isn't it just a matter of putting monkeyfilter.com in a DNS somewhere? Maybe it's just me, but juju.net.nz/mfx doesn't roll off the tongue very well
  • Oh, ambrosia, I just totally got the Femmes ref in your profile.
  • How about a beer? tracicle? Kimberly? Email me the names of your local(s), I'll stand one long-distance. My parole officer tepidly assures me it won't violate Code
  • I dunno, I kinda like MoFi being at an unexpected domain. Let's register "renooberator.com" and put it there.
  • Heh. Google: "Did you mean monkeyflower?"
  • Heh. Google: "Did you mean monkeyflower?" Grr. When I created Languagehat I of course googled it and was pleased to see there were no hits: a unique domain name! It asked "Did you mean: languagegate?" and I chuckled; I even clicked on "languagegate" and discovered there were no results on that either (so why did they suggest it, I wondered vaguely). Months passed. My little blog slowly grew from nothing to an Insignificant Microbe, gaining readers, mentions, and thus Google hits: first a few, then a few hundred, then a few thousand. I became a Lowly Insect, then a Crawly Amphibian; still Google suggested "languagegate." Now I'm a Large Mammal, I have 12,400 Google hits, I tell presidents of medium-size countries what to do... and still Google suggests fershlugginer "languagegate"! OK, languagegate now gets 506 hits (a language-training center took that name), but come on: where's the love, Google? Well, that was all completely irrelevant, but I feel better now that I've vented. What were we talking about again?
  • Bear with me as I try and summarize a process I've had only cursory experience with. These are the domain options as I understand them: 1. Set monkeyfilter.com to forward visitors to juju.net.nz/mfx 2. Pay somebody to host monkeyfilter.com on their server. 3. Set up our own server and pay bandwidth. Can we also configure monkeyfilter.com to BE juju.net.nz/mfx? As in not a mirror or a forwarding site, but actually access the juju data? Seems like that would be ideal. Please clarify!
  • The domain is a donation and a gesture of faith in our ability to keep going. (Although I would never, ever turn down a beer--or a margarita.) Tracicle, an e-mail is forthcoming :)
  • languagehat: probably the proximity of the g to the h and the "at" afterwards prompted languagegate? hmmm "frenchflies" Did you mean: french flies "girraffehouse" Did you mean: greathouse Your search - outfittedgnat - did not match any documents. *shrug*
  • GoDaddy.com has a forwarding option, in which you can point domain A to domain B. I have it working for a couple of sites that I own. In regards to what Kimberly deserves, allow me to take care of it. (reads last line again) Um, I will provide her with a suitable reward. (dammit) Let me handle her. (DAMMIT) *sigh* I'll buy her a drink at the next Happy Hour outing.
  • Buy her one on behalf of each monkey. Then take photos.
  • wow a domain for 321 drinks. And here I am workin for the man like a dope! Hey would someone make a favicon.ico for MoFi? It'd look soooo cool on my Bookmarks toolbar . . . err or so I imagine.
  • How did you know I'm in the process of making one?
  • *snickers at Jim T* tracicle, you have no idea how (in)appropriate your comment was considering the happy hours we throw out here in LA. Hee!
  • Ah, part of the illustrious history of MonkeyFilter. I feel privileged. Or something. Of course, how does the donation thing work? Is there one? I men, like a link somewhere?
  • Nope.