October 09, 2004

Joey the Midwife: An Adversising Agency Featuring innovative branding strategies such as "Space noises." Find Joey's work for Nissan at my new fighting technique is unstoppable.
  • But would these really work? Would people who are willing to read quirky internet ads actually want to buy a Nissan or Windex? They are selling the car on speed - I would be much more impressed if it were sold on gas mileage, or at least quirky design.
  • I'm pretty sure this is a joke site perpetrated by David Rees, "My New Filing Technique.../Get Your War On" fame. I just thought it was funny.
  • scheisse, make that of "mnftiu/gywo" fame.
  • Diggin it. Thanks. Yeah, Typical advertising is for jerks. Joey the Midwife isn't. I think it's a joke.
  • ...as seen here: http://www.monkeyfilter.com/link.php/3740 (else, here.) funny stuff, though. YOU LIKE TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR BUDDIES!!!! ON YOUR SOFA ALSO YOU CAN DO TAXES
  • Shit, with the archives down it didn't even occur to me to do a Google search. My bad... delete away, tracy.
  • see? I was fooled twice. This was all part of the_bone's plan to make me feel stupid.