October 08, 2004

Do you know this man?
Waxy is offering Fifty bucks if you can identify "afroninja".
  • well, whoever afroninja is, I LOVE HIM!
  • Welp, his name is Shawn, and he's okay. Where's my $50?
  • Fan-freaking-tastic!!!
  • I love this clip (although it's a double, search for "The ninja that couldn't" when the site is restored fully).
  • For some reason I am unable to get more than 280KB of this movie. The download hangs indefinitely around that point. Anyone else have this problem?
  • fuyugare, I had the same problem. though by that point I'd seen enough to get it. have to hand it to him for keeping at it.
  • I remember this dude! He used to have a cable access show teaching some kind of kung fu-karate hybrid. Anyway, the guy would actually spend most of the time doing sit ups, pushups and leg ups claiming he could do one thousand of each! Sometimes he'd do his show in a park and have a couple of other people with him. It didn't seem like a current program because his "student's" hair styles looked old like his. The show aired here in NY back in the nineties but I remember he mentioned he was from Detroit.
  • Maybe he has a show on this station.