November 17, 2003

Traveling in comfort In 2002, two intrepid cyclists rode a human powered couch through Maritime Canada. [via Presurfer]
  • At nearly seven feet across, it was three inches wider than a Lincoln Navigator. It's a good thing they were sticking to travelling in the middle of nowhere.
  • At least it gets better gas mileage. [buduhm bum]
  • Leaving the grocery store, we didn't have any trouble locating our vehicle among the rows of parked cars. Ours was the one with the crowd around it ... When we left them, I can only wonder how much longer they stood there waiting for the next pair of youngsters to come cruising in looking for a spot to park their living room furniture. Wow, that was too funny!
  • Ah yes, dear old Kimberly. She's still with us, I believe. But quieter than she used to be.
  • Doesn't she have a SO now? I think I learned that a few threads from now. Man, this time travelling is so confusing.
  • Did anybody notice those "two intrepid cyclists" on their couchmobile couldn't stay off the cell-phone? How rude.