November 26, 2003

25 years ago today San Francisco's Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were shot and killed at City Hall by former Supervisor Dan White. Although younger, non-Bay Area natives may not remember, at the time the story shook San Francisco like an earthquake.
  • My first thought was "Oh, so that's who the Moscone Center is named after." While I lived in the Bay Area I vaguely remember learning something about this, but it's both good and bad that such a disturbing time in SF history is unknown by the next generation.
  • I have a very dear friend who was close to Mr. Moscone. What a terrible loss.
  • Check out The Times of Harvey Milk, an excellent documentary about the whole affair. Follows Milk's career from store owner to Supervisor, then details the murders, the aftermath and White's trial, including the notorious "twinkie defense." A must-see.
  • another nice piece on Harvey's legacy here -- And I'm so happy about our new high school named after him here. And I second the recommendation for the documentary.
  • According to Snopes, the twinkie defense wasn't actually a defense strategy, but a complete mis-read by the press that has become urban legend. White's light sentance led to riots, and he eventually committed suicide.
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