November 26, 2003

A movie and popcorn to fight global warming? Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon is the self-proclaimed first college or university to comply with the Kyoto protocol. All for the cost of a movie and popcorn per student, or the cost of 0.0025% of a credit hour.
  • What do you bet that these same students will put these same efforts into their workplaces after graduation? For updates on other colleges working toward meeting the Kyoto Protocol, check here and here.
  • Note that the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act failed to pass. Here's some more information about greenhouse gas offsets, including some that you as an individual can do.
  • The cost of this university's change may have been very simple at a low cost, but compared to large industry, the costs probably amounted to a little infrastructure change and the replacement of a few devices, as opposed to complete redesign of an industrial plant which may be required for a large corparation to pass. However, any changes, no matter how small, are a good start, and I applaud that.
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