September 23, 2004

Australian Primal Quest Endurance Race member loses his life during the trekking/orienteering segment. A sad day for those on the AROC Team, who were in the lead at the time. Lack of sleep part of the problem?

These people are getting 'tore up'! One team describes thinking they knew where they were only to find......they didn't. Encountering a hippie commune to getting chased by a dog to seeing the buoy in the water, yet never reaching it. Worth $250,000? I suppose.....for someone.

  • Darshon, it's my impression that the thrill of the challenge is at least as important to these folks as is the money. Either way, way sad!
  • He was 3rd in the Borneo EcoChallenge - obviously a hell of a tough guy. It's sad that someone so experienced suffered such incredibly bad luck.
  • AROC and an American team, Montrail, were scaling down a rocky section about 400 feet below Illabot Peak when a rock dislodged from under one of the team members, according to Skagit County Chief Deputy Will Reichert. Someone was taken to stay with Aylott's body overnight, he said. This morning, a survey flight was planned to find the nearest place to land. Whoever stepped on that loose rock probably feels reeeeely bad. I have no idea what it must have been like for whoever stayed with the body overnight.