September 16, 2004

2000AD. BBC. A match made in heaven. Dave Gibson, John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, and other classic 2000AD writers and artists. Stronium Dog, Judge Dredd, and more!

Part of the BBC Comics section, with other goodies a-plenty.

  • I have lost my old 2000AD annuals. This annoys me a little.
  • This ROCKS MY WORLD. Due to life's inconveniences I have had to 'recycle' all my old 2000AD's, but BY DROKK, here comes the internet to my rescue. S'right.
  • oh my goodness. now i am totally convinced that i am unnatural. wrong. how much geekier can i be? this much geekier. *weeps for the loss of the rest of his life in happy comicbook reverie...*
  • I don't mean to brag, but - Over ten years' worth sitting nicely bagged up in my loft - 1981 onwards, plus annuals, early issues, American Dredd comics,Deadline (where Tank Girl came from) and every issue of Crisis (remember that one?). My retirement fund, along with the SW stuff, of course!