September 16, 2004

We've been called a lot of things ... Elegant, refined, discreet. Our units are the best around. ElizaJ: Ahead with class.
  • SideDish, after yesterday's furbus post, I have to wonder. Are you looking to start your own franchise? Cause I noticed that both things are looking for people to franchise them.
  • ooo! hadn't thought of that! i could get a fur bus franchise, then drive people to outdoor catered events where they could use my fancy porta-potties!!
  • (i love the testamonials: "Thank you so much for making The Marwood Group Clambake at the Kennedy Compound on Monday, July 14th a huge success" heh.)
  • Sidedish you're missing the obvious. You need to combine the two into a fantastic new product. The FurToilet. Now THAT would sell. (I'd be interested in a franchise as well)
  • They do look classy. I think it's the subdued palette floral-patterned boxes of tissue.
  • I honostly do not understand this post at all.
  • loop, you don't appreciate a fancy-schmancy porta-potty?
  • I think its good that they exist, as some people surely want them.
  • LoopyG Just us proles, looking with longing at the excesses of the upper classes. tears up at the thought of the fetid, rank ditch at own wedding.
  • It does remind you that as beautiful as an outdoor wedding sounds, it will involve porta-potties. And who wants to use a porta-pottie in their finery, even one with a subdued palette floral-patterned boxes of tissue?
  • Man Loopy, the attraction here is that these fine toilets have been used by KENNEDYS!!!! Where else can you go where Ted Kennedy has "gone". You really need to put things in historical perspective to appreciate them properly. Sheesh
  • *takes dump in thread, saves money otherwise spent on potty for beer*
  • That's all well and good, but what will you do once your bladder is full of beer? Eh? EH?