September 16, 2004

Partisan Pussies (SFW)
  • These kittens have not signed loyalty oaths. Traitors!
  • Thanks for the much needed laugh, that flip-flopper especially got me!
  • Do not be deceived: -- kittens are devilish wee beasts! devilish cute...and this is why we still have cats.
  • mmmm...just in time for breakfast. cute & delicious!
  • OMG, that flip-flop kitty is soooooooo cute, and that last one made me sigh. Predictably, that page just got instantly emailed to everyone I know.
  • "I have in my hand 57 cases of kittens who would appear to be either card-carrying members or certainly loyal to the Communist Party, but who nevertheless are still helping to shape our foreign policy."
  • Effing brilliant, and I love the comments. "My family and I were on a West Coast flight last week, and there were fourteen kittens on board, seated in two groups. They kept going back to the litter box singly and in groups for the whole flight. One of them brought a Purina bag on board, and was passing it around, and when I made eye contact with another it glared at me and hissed. I'm sure it was a dry run."
  • We had to burn the kitten in order to save it.
  • "Some did not support the liberation of Iraq. Objections to war often come from principled motives. But let us be candid about the consequences of leaving Saddam Hussein in power. We're seeking all the facts. Already, the Kay report identified dozens of kitten-related program activities and significant amounts of litter that Iraq concealed from the UN."
  • [this is good]
  • I like it!
  • From the comments -
    "Kittens and puppies are the same. They're both corrupt. The system is corrupt. Vote ferret." - Athenae ----- "You know very well that the Canine National Committee has been funding the ferret ballot drive. A vote for Ferret is a vote for Dog." - Nick Simmonds ---- "Stop oppressing my right to free speech and participation in the process. If kittens ran a better campaign, you wouldn't even have to worry about ferrets." - Athenae
    Brilliant - all the more so because the first comment is what a ferret owner might actually say.
  • This is beautiful.
  • Great post. Who knew the the Poor Man could take Kevin Drum's Friday cat blogging could be taken to such extremes.
  • This one is funny too. If not about kittens, at least it is catty.
  • ( ( ( ( ( ( for shawnj!
  • I second the bananas. Ahem: (( (( (( (( (( (( for shawnj!
  • PatB--Brilliant link! My sides hurt from laughing so damn hard!!!