September 15, 2004

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via warren ellis

  • Get Fuzzy rocks my socks...
  • Oh man, Wapsi Square. I'd totally forgotten how super awesome that strip was. Thanks, dng! [THIS IS CRACK. Mmm... crack...]
  • Thanks ding! What're (other) peeps favourites from this list? (Thanks, fu).
  • Mac-using webcomic addicts, behold Comictastic. It's a handy little specialized web browser for viewing comics, and this is a nepotistic plug for my brother's mad coding skillz.
  • Oh, and my favorites are Get Fuzzy, Boondocks, Diesel Sweeties, Over the Hedge, Achewood, Scary Go Round. Sometimes I read Wigu, Goats, Cat and Girl, etc. But if I were a surrealist, I would much prefer this one. And if I were a surrealist sandwich lover, I would only like this one.
  • Wapsi Square and Liberty Meadows are pretty much it on that list. I like the characters in WS and the story in LM.
  • My favourites are Red Meat (actually more the RMCS) and Achewood
  • Achewood is one of those comics that I'm just too stupid to get. A while back I put in the required effort of reading the archives and everything, but the whole comic just feels bland and uninspired. On the other hand, people I really respect as comic artists (Drew Weing, Kazu Kibuishi, Dorothy Gambrell) seem to be Achewood fans.
  • Tons of talent on that long list. I'd hate to be a web comics artist. There's thousands of them out there.
  • I've been reading Freefall. Just couldn't resist linking to this particular strip (^_^)