September 15, 2004

"Dear God," I muttered. "I think the Candidate has bolts in his neck." A new column by Spider Jerusalem, aka Warren Ellis.
  • Damn Transmetropolitan for ending. I liked it. On the other hand, I like over the top ranting. It's too bad bitter and hate-filled scares away the people in the middle. Well, alright, not too bad. Because issues are important. Still, can you imagine a presidential debate where one turned to the other and said 'Fuck. I was hoping you wouldn't point that out. All I've got to come back with is these pictures of you and what appears to be circus midgets.' I liked his voting analogy, paraphrased from a comic I've not got on me 'You, you're in a night club full of people. You vote to hang out a bit, try and someone up, maybe head home early and catch that last bit of CSI. As far as you can see, everyone else votes to fuck you with switchblades. Welcome to democracy.'
  • Mr. Sleepless
  • Warren Ellis put up another Spider Jerusalem column about this time last year. I can't find it on his site (the search is fucked), so I've put it up here.
  • Why does this guy get raves about his writing? This is awful.
  • What in particular is awful about the writing? Or is it just the style? I admit I'm biased, but it seems decent to me.