December 31, 2003

Putting the Sweat Back Into Sweaters.
  • (Unabashedly RIPPED OFF from those goobers over at MeFi.)
  • Oooh, that woman scares me, it's like she's glaring into my very soul. In other news, there's not much more to say than what's been said there about her. It's an art project, is it not? I still shudder at the gold pants.
  • Dizzy : hat u. The sweater names remind me of dog show winner names. she has a remarkably kitschy a page of -- what, performance art? something? I dunno. on second thought, you're ok, Dizzy.
  • I like your hat too, boo!
  • /me checks the date on his meme and throws it away.
  • It's the kind of art Andy Warhol would create if he were a midwestern Lutheran.
  • (Now why the #$%^ didn't I just say that fact two years ago? I know I was thinking it. You damn lurker BearGuy, you. I want this quest to be over.)
  • at first our tongues lightly tripped hats weighed on our minds we never once became entangled in a tie that binds