September 04, 2004

How to win at fantasy football... and annoy people.
  • it's funnier if you pretend it's funny.
  • did u know that tensor anagrams to stoner?
  • What are we, a bunch of anagram noters now? ... God, this thread is the absolute pits. I can't believe I postead that stupid article. Time to sacrifice a banana boat to Hanuman. Administrator, please hope me.
  • Admin's not, er, home. You'll just have to hope yourself.
  • i am deeply, deeply insulted by this posting. it plays on the worst possible stereotypes of men. we are objectifying them as crude, crass, feral humans who often smell bad and read porn. i'm ashamed that mofi has fallen to this level. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST OF THE WEB, PEOPLE. how could you consider posting this pap? yes, i am a masculinist. a humorless masculinist. and i'm TEASING HERE, FOLKS. in the light of recent threads i thought i'd better point that out. oh, and apologize ahead of time for any/all i've offended. sheesh.
  • Don't listen to SideDish. She doesn't exist. Or she's really my wife. Or something. Anyway, she's right. Also, my nose is running and I'm not allowed to drink beer, even though they're making me work on Saturday. And don't forget, Saturday is double coupon day, unless you're on the other side of the international date line, in which case you're fucked. Now, watch this drive...
  • Hmm, it seems the author of the article has not considered that normal males would take him or anyone else being this obnoxious and pummel them bodily until they could not possibly be a nuisance.