December 30, 2003

The greater spotted hoop snake So this image, it rotates?
  • Wah! Wolof, that image has messed up my brain and my workday is just starting. Shame on you!
  • That's been my wallpaper for weeks now. Keeps people from asking to use my computer, or shoulder surfing. That just has to be bad for your eyes.
  • That's been my wallpaper for weeks now. Yow!
  • Well this kind of helps, in a mind-altering kind of way.
  • Alright- what was this image? Somebody find it, pleeeeeeeze?
  • ow, my brain!
  • Hah! I had that image on my profile page a year or two ago just to annoy whoever happened to click on it. I never realized there was a thread for it...