December 30, 2003

Trashy, Stupid, Delicious Gossip. (Good clean fun and 100% Bush-free!)
  • Thank God. I was having trouble breathing there...Dizzy, you've restored my faith in MoFi.
  • who knew that cameron diaz "acts more like an ogre than a princess on sets - farting and burping with abandon!" *and* has bad B.O. such valuable information! heh.
  • that was fun! Now do the people in my city government!
  • *Various curses better left untranslated into English* So I find that I'm not the only one bummed by the previous threads (albeit some time later) and the web-based balm I might have joined in is now a 404. Oh the humanity! Or Vogonity! (If you prefer).
  • Be brave, my dear. The ruby slippers will get you back to where you're happy.
  • Ach, pay no heed t' that. "Tis the vessel with the pestle puts a rustle in your bustle.
  • Nyuk! nyuk! nyuk! *potion explodes in face*
  • You can still find the page at