December 30, 2003

President Bush signs massive PATRIOT expansion into law ... on the same day as Saddam's capture, which is why you didn't hear anything about it.
  • TalkLeft has been keeping an eye on this, and doesn't think it was so stealthy.
  • Oh... that slipped right by me. Thanks. (I found the link via the "Election 2004" forum on, and on reflection the guy who posted it there no doubt got it from TalkLeft). TL makes a good argument for the "non-stealth" theory. Regardless, the timing was absolutely fortuitous. So the questions (for me, at least) become: Why has this been so underreported? Most of the politically-inclined folks I know would have been making a huge stink about this from day one, Saddam or no Saddam. But I've not heard about this before today (maybe I should read TalkLeft). and... If the government is so certain they're doing the right thing, why not sign this legislation with more fanfare? Whether or not this was intentional "stealth legislation," the government is showing its contempt for the people by not being more forthcoming. They want to have their cake and eat it too: pass unpopular legislation because they think it's necessary, and not let anyone know because it's, well... unpopular.
  • One more bush filter post and I'ma start flinging.
  • Word, boo.
  • Sorry, it's a bit like that today.
  • I wrote about this yesterday. I wrote about how Armed Liberal has an excellent solution to civil liberty and security. Read his post. I don't think the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 was about security. It was about empowering the executive branch. Someone explain to me what's the deal with the transfer of funds from the CIA to the Justice Department to National Drug Intelligence Center in the bill. Why not just write the bill so the funds go directly to NDIC. I don't think this is covert funding. Otherwise, it would never of showed up in the bill.
  • This isn't helping my politically-induced depression.
  • One more bush filter post and I'ma start flinging. Well, better duck, 'cause you're going to get splattered if I even have to HEAR that little f@#$%ker's name again.