December 30, 2003

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  • Interesting name... Mufti Ibrahim Desai. That surname is a Gujarati surname. I'm a Gujarati. Have never seen a Muslim Gujarati with a Gujarati surname. It sounds ...weird.
  • Man, Islam is hard! *munches pork rind*
  • If only it were this simple.
  • Very interesting link. Unfortunately, I know so little about Islam that it could be their equivalent of Landover Baptist.
  • Q: What is the area of shaving the pubic hair for a male and female? A: The area immediately under the navel is not to be shaven. The area of shaving for a person (male / female) is above and around the private parts. If possible, it is commendable to shave around the hind private parts as well. (Al-Kaamil, commentary of Muslim; Imaam Nawawi vol. 1 pg. 128). (the "hind" private parts? hmm.)
  • This looks like a job for ... Razorba!!!
  • Having made the trek through that thread, I'd have to agree with Wolof. Razorba is the answer...unless it's not sanctioned by Allah.