December 29, 2003

Salute! BushPresident2004 is a fine site. (A.K.A. Which Monkeys actually read the links on FPPs?) [via Linkfilter]
  • care to elaborate? looks like your average bushie site... i went to linkfilter but didn't see it there. i'm confused. sigh.
  • Letter bombs typically don't say BOMB on the outside. And the best martinis are bone dry.
  • I'm very, very disturbed to see a link to Fox News on the front page, claiming "Fox News is fair and balanced." My arse. His bio seems a bit more honest than I would have expected, though:
    ...he served our country as a fighter pilot in the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam. Bush would later say that this position, awarded to him through his father's connections, gave him respect for the chain of command. Unfortunately, he was unable to serve without interruption, being AWOL for a year between May 1972 and May 1973.
  • /hits self in forehead Got to love satire.
  • Well I saw it listed as "looks like a typical neo-con site for re-election . . or is it?" and couldn't help clicking. Subtle. Check out the bio on Cheney for example. Is this "no-spin"? The "Support our troops" link is a little less subtle but still in the same . . manner? vein? . . arena? [on preview: tracicle I hear ya- at least I got this one faster than the "Metallica sues over use of E, D chords"]
  • but the thing is, a hard-core bush supporter would still applaud all these "accomplishments." so what's the point?
  • Bah. Politics. We should find some way to genetically combine Clinton and Bush. "Can you believe they caught Clush naked, snorting cocaine with that intern?" It'd revolutionize politics.
  • That's the genius of it I think. At what point do you begin to "Heeyyyyy wait a minute!?" "Within days of his inauguration, Bush charged Vice President Dick Cheney to lead the effort to secure a clean and safe energy future for our nation. The Energy Task Force that Cheney assembled was made up of experts from the oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear industries and called for more oil and gas drilling, more coal production, the construction of nuclear plants that hadn't been ordered in the United States since the 1979 meltdown at Three Mile Island, and the withdrawal on a campaign promise by President Bush to reduce industrial emissions of carbon dioxide. " [on preview: Pez - make it a sunday school teacher]
  • I wish I could find the article I was reading yesterday on the Texas Board of Education refusing to subsidise a science textbook because it cited carbon dioxide as one of the causes of global warming. Here's one that's similar, and here's an article written by a highly offended Texan reviewer. Anyway, back to the subject at hand: isn't Bush silly?
  • Silly and Bad,too. /2_bananas
  • [on preview: tracicle I hear ya- at least I got this one faster than the "Metallica sues over use of E, D chords"] That one was read out on MTV2 over here as a genuine piece of music news. I think Zane Lowe actually said "You couldn't make this up".
  • *Returns to the trail after winter break* Ah, well, this is another link that ain't working, but rest assured, we'll be deluged by all the folks running and gunning for the title of El Presidente in 2008.