August 29, 2004

SFW, but likely to get you fired nonetheless. Please use wisely. And sparingly.
  • Is that the voice from the main character from Miyazaki's "Castle of Caliostro"?
  • Nice reference, but no. That's Link from the short lived Legend of Zelda cartoon. I thought it might be the same actor (Johnathan Potts) who did voice overdub in the American video release of Cagliostro, but that was David Hayter, the voice of Snake in Metal Gear. Yes, I am a geek.
  • Didn't David Hayter write the X-Men films, too?
  • That hurt my careful to adjust your volume before visiting this page. Neat link, forksclovetofu. Oi.
  • Think so dng... he's also the guy that says "E! A! Sports! It's in the game!"
  • this reminds me a lot of eat a bag of dicks. (not really safe for work, depending of the sense of humour of your employer and colleagues)
  • this reminds me of Khaaan