July 26, 2004

The Horrible World of Flying Slugs!
  • Bullet Slugs Mississippi Basin, United States The bullet slugs have evolved with a spined, hard shell helmet that surround their eyestalks and oral orifices. They are known to dive upon their victims, able to use their hard shell to pierce the hides of cattle, deer and the occasional bison. Once the hides are pierced, these slugs vacate their helmets and begin to devour their victim from within. Once they eat their fill, they ooze out of the festering wound and in two days, a new helmet forms to replace their discarded ones. What an awful thing to imagine..shudders and is glad its only someones imagination working oveertime...
  • Haste! We must pray to Great Chthulu to avert this evil!
  • That's the biggest load of bollocks I've read since.. well at least last night.
  • Speculative biology. I love it! Thanks for the cool link wo su mi.
  • Great content, but really. Is cyan type on a black background still the state of the art out there on the non-blog Internet?
  • Wot matters most is the invasive nature of these helmeted horrors! Are they going to eat us today or tomorrow?!? And will this cause a run on antacid tablets?