July 24, 2004

"just plain false. Not Bill Clinton “depends upon what is is” false, but false the way most Americans learned growing up: just not true." Bill O'Reilly has declared "it's war" between Fox News Channel and the New York Times. Larry Lessig has no problems with that, he just wants O'Reilly to apologize to Jeremy Glick.

Lessig's post contains links to every element of the story, which is featured in Outfoxed. (Previous discussion of 'Outfoxed' here. Previous thread about Larry Lessig here.)

  • This is one to remember: Accuracy is a virtue to liberals and intellectuals, who believe in the power of truth - it’s inconsequential to others, who believe in the truth of power
  • If we must... http://www.bugmenot.com/ I vote for for keeping these kinds of posts out of our happy-go-lucky jungle. I get my news from MetaFilter.
  • I vote for keeping them in. I also hope The New York Times makes Bill O'Reilly suck it like a b-rate fluffer.
  • Jerry - your bugmenot link doesn't work for me. But, anyway - the Lessig link doesn't seem NewsFilterish in the MeFi sense. Lessig chose to call BO out on his blog with a really good analysis of what was really said in the interview compared to what BO later claimed. It's too bad that Lessig isn't in some major news business, because this probably won't get out to those who follow BO's every twist. (Can you tell I love typing "BO" in this instance?) If I were unfairly accused of something, I'd really want Lessig to defend me. On the other hand, we Monkeys need to have our brain cells politically stimulated on a regular basis. We've managed to deal rationally with some potentially flamable issues over our short history, which was not only fun, but made us more confident.
  • Jerry, the fact that we don't want to think or talk about these kind of things is the problem. The simple fact that someone like myself, who feels quite passionately about the state of the nation at the moment, is more than content to read about it online and get on with my life is the problem. Like the t-shirt says, If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention.
  • Weezel - I agree. The internet has somewhat distanced us from participating in day-to-day political events. Maybe we need to go back to town hall meetings where issues could be debated face to face.
  • Jerry Garcia, I strongly disagree. As many of us have said before, we're Monkeys because we couldn't get on to Meta. We wanted to discuss and comment but didn't have the access. Fortunately, for us, Monkeyfilter has become the kind of community that most of us hoped for. Even better, many Metafilter members have become Monkey members. I remember bitching when I first signed on that Monkeyfilter wasn't Metafilter enough. Well, thank God for that. I missed the politics and as far as I'm concerned, we have a nice balance, now.
  • I vote for for keeping these kinds of posts out of our happy-go-lucky jungle. I get my news from MetaFilter. Monkeyfilter has always had news posts, you know.
  • *votes with dng, as pretty much ever*
  • I've been watching O'Reilly lately, just to see what his show is really about. I think the most damning thing that I have seen is the day that Congress voted against the Federal Marriage Ammendment he didn't even mention it. Instead he chose to talk about his two favorite dead horses Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore. O'Reilly never misses a chance to call Moore a coward because Moore won't appear on the show. Now whether O'Reilly was for or against the Federal Marriage Amendment, the fact that he did not mention the vote at all strikes me as a true act of cowardace.
  • just plain false. Not Bill Clinton “depends upon what is is” false... Can anyone else see those weird symbols? Or is my computer insane?
  • All of us who use Internet Explorer will be seeing them, unfortunately. Bloody Microsoft...