July 24, 2004

Jenna and Barbara Bush Online Chat Now I agree with Atrios, Ana Marie Cox (aka Wonkette) may be pulling our leg. If not then this online chat is hysterical. It seems that the Bush girls talk like 50 year-old White House speechwriters and like to pepper their language with a Bill and Ted "excellent."

Money quote:

We both love, love, love music (we inherited it from our Mom -- she has a great old record collection). Our favorite musicians range from reggae artists, like Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley, to classic rock stars like Paul Simon and Van Morrison. We also love newer musicians like Modest Mouse, The Strokes and Postal Service.
All kids love their mother's record collection. And what are a couple of dance club girls doing listening to an indie rock band like Modest Mouse?
  • We want proof: n3kkid p1x posted on GWB.com.
  • According to a source who has seen the footage—which features self-described downtown coke dealer relating his late-night run-in with the First Daughter, and brandishing her college ID as a souvenir.