July 24, 2004

High speed video and still images. (The images in the last link are in .pdf format.)
  • These are great! Jerry Garcia, how are those kittens of yours?
  • The kittens are thriving, shinything. I am still working on getting a digital camera so I can post some pics. Cuteness incarnate. They alternate between sleeping for a couple of hours and frantic chasing of their tails, each other and imaginary things the rest of us can't see. They ocassionally drive me mad but I just lock them out of my office and seem happy making war in the rest of the apartment. One of them knocked a glass of water onto my keyboard (and so killed it) so they are finding their civil liberties diminished, but not by much (just the square feet that are my workspace). I stil haven't named them other than "god" "damn" and "cat!" :-)