July 24, 2004

Pleix Films - A collection of weird and disturbing short films. My personal favorite? Beauty Kit (First link req Real Player, second Quicktime)
  • Pleix is awesome.. less so since they switched from QT to Real IMHO tho. E-Baby and Plaid - Itsu are also very very good.
  • My absolute favorite is Simone. Chills every time. Watch the newest video or don't install Real. Tough call.
  • It seems they only have the latest movie in high-res. Any place to get the others? (I like them)
  • Ever since stumbling upon their site a long time ago, I've been a fan of these demented french (?) guys. "Plaid", "Futureshock" and the hauntingly beautiful "Sometimes" are my favorites. Too bad they went to the dark side. Streaming, non-downloadable, crappy video quality RealPlayer format? Pity. I have all the others in .mov format. If you have some server space, well...
  • There's always Real Alternative (watch out for popups.. don't think there are any but I use FireFox). There's also the music thing..