July 12, 2004

Lord Whimsy: In these times of depressing news of postponed elections and Executive scandal, I'm just glad there are people like Lord Whimsy. Not to be confused with Lord Whimsey (pdf). His charts are enlessly entertaining. His essays are funny and smart. I think we all could take a lesson from How to Become a Bon Vivant. But does he have a livejournal, you ask? Yes he does.
  • I had what was damned close to a man-crush on Peter Death Bredon Wimsey for the longest time. UK Amazon just promised me a copy of the Dorothy L Sayers Society's Wimsey Companion! And for less than half the price of what my countrymen wanted to charge me for a used copy of the first edition. Happy. /semi derail
  • I appreciated the immediate clarification viz. Whimsy v. Wimsey (of whom I am long a fan.). Additionally: the instructions for women to find their ideal match on the "Manly Girth" chart - highly amusing in addition to being exquisitely scientific.
  • I am actually kind of interested in getting to know Sayers' Whimsey. Can either of you suggest a good place to start? ilyadeux: Yeah, that is one of my favorites too. Not sayin' where I scored though.
  • Shotsy, Lord Whimsy is highly entertaining. It's hard to find true DANDYISM nowadays and I'm glad he's working so hard to preserve it.
  • I'd recommend the collection of shorts Lord Peter Views the Body to start. That way you're not into much if you find that you don't quite cotton to it.
  • Sorry for the derail. Back on topic: I find myself rushing headlong into the role of an Affected Provincial. It is therefore with great pleasure that I welcome the publication of Whimsy's broadsheet The Affected Provincial's Quarterly. It uplifts, it inspires, it exalts. Don't overlook the fake monkey automatons: Collectors Seduced by the Siren Song of Dubious Apes
  • "The affected provincial has Montaigne on his desk, an ant farm in his study and a half-built dirigible in his backyard." How did he know? He must have dropped by when I wasn't home.
  • How could this have gone on so long without mention of Gore Vidal?
  • Who's Wot re Sayer's creation: Lord Wimsey was technically not Lord Peter but Lord Peter's elder brother, Gerald, if I recall correctly -- the elder brother Gerald was better known as the Duke of Denver, that title taking precedence. Lord Peter, being the number two son, was Lord Peter. Just as Gerald and Peter's sister was Lady Mary, not Lady Wimsey. And Lord Peter's wife, (the former Harriet Vane), became Lady Peter -- this being a curious and even risible title which of course anchored itself firmly in my adolescent awareness.
  • Dandyism!
  • Oh, my.
  • Nicely uncovered fish tick!