May 28, 2004

Art Imitating Life: So while cicadas have taken over large chunks of the United States, they now seem to have invaded the modern rock scene a theme song courtesy of the awesome band The Shins. Their song, Those to Come wasn't written with the red-eyed devils in mind, but the song appears to be a perfect fit, and band members seem happy to play along.
  • "... they now seem to have invaded the modern rock scene WITH a theme song ..." That's what I meant to type, dammit.
  • There's also a band in the Ozarks called Big Smith that wrote a song about the cicadas a couple of years ago. (Full disclosure: I know these guys, and they're friends. Jody was one of my creative writing instructors, and my wife went on a couple of dates with Mark.) They've not recorded it yet, but it's pretty good Southern-style rock. All about the unnerving sound they make. Funny, clever stuff.
  • They've already got one, and it was written for them 17 years ago (at least that is what the W.Post tell me) "Day of the Locust" by Bobby D.
  • I really like the Shins. That is all I have to say.