May 28, 2004

It's always the equivalent of Cinco de Mayo somewhere in the world, dammit. For those of you who are always looking for an excuse to celebrate, DateDex lists every holiday, festival, major conference, "Awareness" day, celestial event and major sporting contest in the world.

Sure, lots of Americans are sneaking out early from work to get a jump on Memorial Day, but me? I'm banking some wine, candles, and periodicals for the UK's Stroke Awareness Day on June 1! [what? oh.] Um, never mind that last part. Apparently it's about, ah, something else.

  • This is awesome! My friends and I used to pick a day to throw a party and the research what we're celebrating. I'll never forget Sir Alec Guinness' birthday party. It was a quite an event. Somalian Independence day was quite fun too from what little I can recall :)~
  • How fun, Kimberly. I'll have to try that next time we throw a party. (More likely it would be a party to celebrate getting rid of the toddler for an evening, but still.)
  • On Somalian Independence Day, we (I, that is) made jello shots in the colors of the flag and found the midi version of the Somalian national anthem to open the festivities with. It was a blast.