May 28, 2004

I get so emotional, baby. It's emo night on Monkeyfilter! Here's a primer on methods for naming your "emo"/post-whatever band.
  • Wow! Its like the page doesnt know its in HTML! (viewing the source makes it a little more tolerable), plus, it uses a jpg to make the background solid black!
  • Oh, and uhhh... "The Billys Crappy Birthday Party" (...i told you, i dont get emo)
  • Art-rock band or bad thriller novel? -The Pelican Brief -Sea of Fire -The 90 Day Men -Come To Grief -The Appleseed Cast -Bonecrack -Jawbreaker -Early Day Miners
  • - Marine Research - Rum Punch
  • - The Epiphany - Adjustable Cucumber - Chickpea Summit - The Introspectacles Now someone tell me to get back to work.
  • The Crunked Funk Monkeys (opening for Jizz Mopper at the Monkeyshines on wednesday night)
  • Here's one: The Monkey Filter.
  • The Funky Milter? The Finky Multer? The Fanzy Milquetoast? The Phoonky Mealter?