November 21, 2003

"Hi, it's me, I've had a terrible car accident and I'm unexpectedly pregnant. Will you give me money?" Despite the fact that I'm a complete stranger, that is.
  • Evil swindlers, naive swindled. I can't imagine giving money to someone without confirming who they are. It makes me sad that people are taking advantage of a generous nature, though. We once had a weird looking guy come to the door and say that his daughter had menengitious and he had no money and needed to go to the pharmecy to get her a prescription. I was so angry at him because he was trying to prey on the compassion of others (probably for a fix--he had a very junky-esque quality about him) and insult their intellegence. Menengitious requires hospitalization, asshat.
  • I could imagine someone like my grandmother being suckered into this: older relatives wanting to be involved in the lives of their grandkids and with no idea that someone would try to dupe them. It's an easy fix, at least. Three words: "Who is this?"
  • /listens /looks /RUNS AHEAD TWO YEARS!
  • Wuss.
  • This is weird.
  • Can't believe you piked, Nickd. I'm not angry so much as disappointed. Yeah. *sigh*
  • Someone must carry the flag on. I think it might be you, Monkeybashi. Cuz, y'know, it's not like you have a whole site to manage or anything. (-:
  • I had forgotten where I posted this. I thought it was in another thread. Well, anyway MonkeyB, I think I've carried the flag on, thought the wisdom of it eludes me.