February 12, 2017

Most Popular Romantic Comedies -- By State There is a bit more diversity on this list than I would have expected. Sorry to those who do not live in the US, but this list does not cover your country. Perhaps you can add a bit of geographic diversity yourselves?
  • I have lived in New York, Ohio, and North Carolina. In New York, it is "You've Got Mail.." I have never seen that movie. Does it take place in New York City? In Ohio, it is "Groundhog Day." I sort of saw that movie. Does it take place in Ohio? In North Carolina, it is "Pretty in Pink." I never saw that movie, though I have some awareness of it. That makes me think that the people they asked skewed to a certain age bracket?
  • Romantic comedies are interesting in that we know what is going to happen as soon as the movie starts. "Ah, let's see how these two wind up together as a couple by the end." Even sports movies have the hero lose every now and then.