January 20, 2017

Dead Celebrities They are famous. They are dead. They gather here.
  • Please please don't let my beloved MoFi (resurrected) become a pit of spammy gutterslime. We need a banhammer, stat!
  • Yecch. I had coffee for breakfast.
  • Hmmm.....
    I posted this less than one minute ago, yet it has two comments from ten days ago. I am good. Very good.
  • Mary Tyler Moore has died. My brother and sister just loved her. They are a bit older than me. I am 47. Her show was just barely ahead of my time. I remember watching it, but it's not like I really understood or appreciated adult jokes and themes. I also strangely remember some TV movie that she made on HBO with Elizabeth Taylor.
  • John Wetton has died. I loved Asia when that came out. I think it was 1982. I would have been 12. I remember staying up until some crazy hour in 1983 or so to watch Asia live in Japan on MTV. I slept over at a friend's house just so I could. Why would I even do that? Anyway, Wetton had left the group for some reason at that time, so they had Greg Lake filling in on vocals. Needless to say, it was not quite the same.
  • I never bought one of his albums, but I always liked Al Jarreau and thought he had such a unique voice. I remember really liking Mornin.' Some would find it cheesy. I found it positively charming and joyful.
  • Bill Paxton was in a lot of movies I saw, but I never paid too much attention to him. I did, however, see "Frailty." It was a movie he directed and starred in. It was dark. Matthew McConaughey was in it. I remember really, really liking it. He also directed a golf movie called "The Greatest Game Ever Played." It looks like that got good reviews, too.