January 06, 2017

Mystery misnomer machines from Alibaba.com. I swear I was looking for a sump pump. I wasn't looking for enlargement machines, or for machine gratification with platonic ideals.
  • I am not quite sure how you got from sump pump to where you arrived. However, I question just how well many of those items work. Except the sump pump, of course. We got one when I was a kid after we found our basement with about three feet of water in it. Once we got the sump pump, it never happened again.
  • Looks like a spammy post, yet retrosurf has a history here.
    I bequeath thee the benefit of the doubt.
  • Have you *ever* seen spam that used the phrase "platonic ideal"?
  • I am not sure I have ever seen "platonic ideal" used anywhere!