December 05, 2016

Feeding whipped cream to raccoons from a can. I am going to end up like this in old age, and I will die of rabies. Also, raccoons mob people for Doritos.
  • Holy mother of God.
    I have never seen anything like that second video. Were those raccoons CGI'd? There were at least forty of them. I would be terrified. It was like the raccoon apocalypse. How can those Dorito-giving people not be totally freaked out?
  • The first video is like watching an alternate universe scene from my own house.
    We have feral cats that we feed on the deck off the sliding doors from our kitchen in the back of the house. It looks remarkably similar to the setup there. We have a possum that has taken to coming and having some of the cat food. When it started, the cats were frightened of the possum and ran away. Now they barely move when the possum shows up. They don't exactly share the bowl, but they will pretty comfortably hang out only a couple feet from the possum. We have had two possums on the deck at the same time, and the scene looked so similar to the one in the video.
    My wife loves raccoons. One time we did see a raccoon on the deck. It was particularly unusual as it was one of the two times I have ever seen a raccoon in this city. Anyway, I think my wife is going to keep a can of whipped cream ready in case the raccoon ever returns.
  • An article about the raccoons eating Doritos.

    You probably have more raccoons around than you know. In the five years I've been here in my house (in a city) I had only ever seen two or three around and only one in my yard, but when I got the trail cam I discovered I regularly have several on my porch at night (along with a number of possums and neighborhood cats). I already knew they got around in the storm sewers, though. The raccoons are great but I'd be too worried about rabies to try to pet one or feed it whipped cream straight from the can or Doritos from my hand. Possums are safer, resistant to rabies and not all that ferocious (but I have a thing for possums), and I'd still probably not try it.

    Still undecided about putting my dull trail cam pictures on a tumblr.
  • I would love to find out that a neighbor has some sort of camera set up in their yard to learn what animals wander onto her property. I would want to put on a giant raccoon costume and quickly wander into and out of the camera's view without doing anything else.