January 30, 2015

The Strange Life of 'Lord' Timothy Dexter - Turning bad advice into a fortune.
  • Good Lord. I just decided I would pop back over to this site and start to contribute again. Well, by "contribute," I probably really mean "comment." Posting just gets too confusing for me. I am rather a simpleton.
    So anyway, I come back on here to find the most recent post is to a story that is so long I will have to actually take multiple minutes to read it. That is obviously on the "un" side of acceptable. So this comment is about the post in that it is about the length of the linked article.
  • I apologise profusely, but not too profusely because I don't want to upset you further by posting a profuse apology. I take it you did 'take multiple minutes to read it'. So. sorry. Lord Timothy Dexter was many things.
  • Well, I read it. What a fascinating man. I have to think he would have found it easier in today's world to gain the respect he so clearly sought.
    I am also reminded of a an attorney I know who advocates trying cases rather than entering guilty pleas because "fortune favors the brave." You may not think you have a good case or you might not know exactly how you are going to effectively mount a defense, but you certainly won't wind up with a not guilty verdict if you enter a guilty plea. That sounds like what Dexter did. Whether he had a good case or not, he took it to trial -- and good things happened.