April 19, 2014

Testing on niche MonkeyFilter is (after a false start) now running on our new 'niche' (http://github.com/nzmichaelh/niche) engine.
Note to self: always benchmark and load test a site before repointing the doman.
  • And hopefully even comments work. Patches welcome!
  • Logging in from my mobile, yussss.
  • Is it still possible now to link to some words upfront? Okay.
  • I've turned on a one-per-second, burst of three rate limiter to slow down the attack scripts.
  • I've shifted the old MonkeyFilter URL redirects out to nginx.
  • I've fixed the translation of plus signs in a URL to spaces so /user/foo+the+bar now works.
  • Hitting "preview" and "post" need to take you to the comment in place, not to the top of the screen.
  • I've fixed the extra 'More inside' links. A blank extended was being turned into a HTML
  • Err, <br>
  • The "New comments on" sidebar doesn't seem to be updating. I get the same ones every time.
  • Yeah, they will sit there for 7 days and drop off. Hopefully. Something more like session cookies (like we had earlier) will be added eventually.
  • Okay. Is there an ETA on the Search Box?
  • Ooh good question. For now use Google with "site:monkeyfilter.com" and your search term. Probably we'll use a Google-based search in any case.
  • Yeah, they will sit there for 7 days and drop off. Hopefully.
    The new ones don't seem to be showing up at all. Is there a delay of 7 days before they appear?
  • Huh, strange. I am seeing all the new comments (I think). Oh! Your own don't show, I don't think.
  • Aha! That explains it. Thanks for clarifying that.
  • I leave MoFi for a couple of months (jus' a coupla, oshifa...) and it's all wwwwhhhhiiite.
    Snowblinded, but with the usual poo.
    Oh and preview is wonkydonky.
  • The Poetry Makes a Comeback thread is broken with regards to formatting (and probably elsewhere). Hard returns get turned into soft returns and are sacrificed to formatting.

    Also is BOLD supposed to work???

  • Hmmm - apparently so - which explains why the thread now seems to be all in bold.
  • Heh. I'll try to track that down.
  • Nice to see you back, EdArzakh :-)
  • Preview is wonkydonky? In what way? What if I hit return? Aha, soft return, I see.
    How about if I hit enter twice? Now I get a new line. OK.

    Three enters? Gives me two paragraph breaks. Good to know.
    If I click "Use Markdown" it gives me two paragraph breaks regardless of whether I hit enter twice or three times.
  • See for a minute there I thought I was being handed a mobile template. Nice work. It's such a shock to see the site on a professional white background... :)
  • Oh wow hi!
    Yeah, templates and style are down the list a ways. Sidebar and search are at the top!
  • And editing posts/comments; poor HR Ginger.
  • What is it to Use Markdown? What is that? And I don't see a side bar on an iPad at least. What would that be?
  • Oh. On a PC it's on the side, what was underneath.
  • No sidebar yet! I meant they're at the top of the list, not the top of the page. :-)

    Markdown is plain-text formatting, e.g. asterisks around words make italics, an asterisk at the start of a new paragraph will make a

    • unordered list
    • so does minus
    • and plus

    Here's a link to a cheat sheet (We'll explain this in detail...but by then you'll probably have figured it out.)

  • Does dis work?

  • Judging by the monkey, I'm going to guess no?
  • You may notice that MoFi is now running https and when you're logged in all URLs should have that at the start. It's just a bit of extra password security, and your browsing habits are more hidden, if that's something that concerns you.
  • Guessing works.
  • Wasn't that his? I recall an even more elaborate one that may have been his...
  • Oh yes I like that - thanks foop.
    Even the little bananas...
    *Italian leaning? Or Sekret Surprize?* *List perhaps? *or not
    Edit: Am disappoint. But https is nice in an anti-NSA way...
  • That is a foop one from memory, yeah. It's cool! But I don't have the time right now to relearn how to write it up. If anyone else does, or knows someone who does, now is your/their time to shine!
    The other one I loved from way back was a gomi one with a monkey whole-page watermark (maybe now it's bit too noughties, heh), but she's another busy person.
  • Oh foop's logo is priceless!
    I have a want!
  • foop's design is a thing of beauty.