November 30, 2012

sad news. I don't know how to tell you, but I should tell you ... Squidranch has passed away.

I found out today through facebook. Earlier this month, he fell and hit his head. He died quickly. That's really all I know. I think there's a memorial service coming up soon, so I'll try and post info here. He was such a big presence here, back in the day. I'm still in shock.

  • Celebration of Mike December 9, 2012 1:00pm – 5:00pm Loyola Marymount University Bird’s Nest I have info about donations you can make to the Sleep Apnea Association ... I'll post it later.
  • So, um. How are you guys?
  • One of the few MoFites I met IRL... and his memorial is at my old (as in I attended in the 1970s) college. How am I? Stunned. Get back to you later.
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  • So email me (address in profile) if you want to make a donation to the Sleep Apnea Association. They request that you include the family's address with the donation, but I don't think I should be posting it here.
  • . Thanks for letting us know, Koko.
  • A bad fall for us all, and very sad :(
  • I'm stunned. Memory Eternal, Squid.
  • I will miss Squidranch. His was one of the voices I enjoyed hearing, in the good old days. The sleep apnea thread A Squid's Revenge Squiddy's self-introduction from one of the "introduce yourself" threads Farewell, sir.
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  • This is terrible. And very sad. Damn it. .
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  • That's awful news.
  • So sad. He was a great contributor. Has anyone heard from chechebell? Monkeys, I miss you. Thank you Pallas, for posting that thread. I'm going to read it tonight.
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  • So sorry to read this. Rest in peace, squiddy.
  • So sorry to hear this- I remember him fondly here. RIP, my friend.