October 27, 2012

Weird Beauty. [Via]
  • Amazing. Thanks for the link, h. And from the same artist, Happy Hallowe'en!
  • I couldn't decide if this one should be filed under The Daily Puppy thread, or possibly one of Foop's cartoon swish threads... Ah, well. I find it beautifully wierd, so here it goes... Puppies are wolfish, swishy degenerates at times beautiful.
  • More weird beauty: The Lady of Shalott.
  • Now that is weird. The above link, found on a mobile device and posted with it, still has the weird of a mobile device although it promised to be watchable at the desktop pc later, but no go... *Presses edit button* Now searched on the mainframe (heh) and the link works! Why, why are we tainted by history everywhere? The Lady of Shalott. Via
  • That wasn't even the original video I had up at first FAIL. That one had a lot of cuts to the great artist John William Waterhouse. Not there anymore as I tried at the Via bottom of the page montage video thingee, or else deeply buried to me at least... What kind of undercurrents, what kind of Wittgensteinian Deep Grammar without the ladder to climb out? is at work. Oh well, here is some other weird beauty, from Crispin Gray's band, the Dogbones... Oh, and maybe NSFW and all. Good luck with this one :)