October 06, 2012

Curious George: Has the MoFi Wiki been discontinued? I can't get Forksclovetofu's mp3 blog to load anymore. I get an error like this: Setup.php must be included from the file scope, after DefaultSettings.php... Am I doing something wrong? Or has the wiki.monkeyfilter.com been discontinued? That would be sad, since Fork's mp3 blog was thought to be his memorial here :(
  • It is turned off right now but the data isn't lost. It was getting massive amounts of spam and the fastest solution at the time to stop the server from shutting down was to disable it. However we can probably take forks's mp3 pages and put them up as static pages?
  • You're the best, Trac :)
  • Not quite working yet though? Or am I missing something?
  • Turned out to be trickier than I thought because of the way the wiki data is stored. In the meantime have you seen his original MoFi post with all the links? This is it. I will keep working on getting the wiki page up as a standalone page though.
  • Holee crapoleee!!!!!!!!!! Links-a-plenty. The comments are entertainment by themselves.
  • Hype Machine is a safe bet these days really. http://hypem.com/popular
  • Also hello. Is this still an active and turning forum? Worth posting to in the future?
  • Haunted by a few ghosties, but yeah, active mainly due to the tireless effort of the Might Homunculus and his Dancing Links. Tracicle and #2 have a new version in the works.... and some pigs ready on the runway...
  • Life gets in the way once again...we are getting ready for a major change in our family so the pigs are currently resting in the hangar. I'll be more specific in a week, hopefully.
  • Now I can be more specific: as of next February the Family 'Bashi will be relocated to Zurich, Switzerland. OMFG! #2 has been offered a position at a company there and it is too good an opportunity to pass up. I will be pushing for us to get the new 'Fi up asap in the short break between stressing about lack of news and stressing about moving ourselves overseas.
  • Zurich!!! Owe Emm Gee! Alps. Chalets. Snow. Woop. And they speak English.
  • Gnomes. Chocolate. Handy little army knives. Fewer earthquakes. Wonderful experience for the young Bashis! Glückwünsche!
  • Wheeeeee! Fantastic news, really really pleased for you all. And! That means that you'll be a short train-ride away! OMFGMEETUP
  • OMFG YES!!!
  • Wow! Congratulations!
  • Interesting piece on Switzerland: Various forms of lithic disguise
  • I am sooooo jealous of the bashi bunch! And so happy you're out of quakey territory.