September 27, 2012

New species of hooked-leg spider found in Oregon cave . Your youtube creepy crawly pics for the day.
  • I got back from a week in the semi-hinterlands of Sonoma County last week, and my partner, who had remained in L.A., told me he'd been draped by spiders while walking down the street. We have beautiful trees in this neighborhood, and there are lots of cockroaches and squirrels and crickets, and some possums and raccoons, but spiders coming down from the trees? Then last night I took our dogs out for their midnight walk, and Otto started chasing something. He loved the acorns up in Guerneville, so I thought he'd found something similar in our urban street. NO! I looked down, and he was chasing manymany white spiders. Which has nothing to do with BlueHorse's post. Except: spiders.
  • Here's a sock puppet for ya...
  • I have a lot of bugs of various kinds in my home-at-the-edge-of-town. Including spiders. I can tell if I haven't touched something in my little apartment in 3 days because it'll be 'cob-webbed'. Come on, THREE DAYS? Even outside, after leaving the car for several days, there were webs in one of the wheel wells and on the side-view mirror. I never said they were SMART spiders. I used to tolerate them because I thought they were keeping the population of other bugs down, but since I realized they had no taste for roaches, they're back on the Bad Bug list.