August 25, 2012

The Pun Hunter He comes up with all the worst puns so  I you don't have to... At the Grocery Store and In the Kitchen.

Where will he go next? I'm hoping it'll be someplace public like WalMart or Costco, because nobody wants to see the puns he finds in the Bedroom or the Bathroom.

  • I'M hoping he'll go somewhere on the net where you can't find him and inflict him on poor defenseless Monkeys. Foop, you should be ashamed!
  • How can I be ashamed when my entire presence on Twitter (@someothercraig) is contributing puns to Hashtag Games, like... #PopMusicMovies The Lion Kinks, Annie Hall & Oates, Full Metallica Jacket and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Knight #MadeUpPastaNames Tonitonitoni, Penne Arcadi, Milittleponi and iMacaroni #failedmusicals Sunday in the Park with Boy George, Big Box Store of Horrors, Little Orphan Annie Get Your Gun and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Social Media Site #SeinfeldSongs Lloyd Braun Sugar, I Saw Costanza There and "play me a song, you're J. Peterman..." #cheaperbooks Finite Jest, The Thomas Kinkade Code, Green Eggs and Spam and The Phantom of the Karaoke Bar (my most retweeted of the week) It IS more productive than trying to discuss politics on Twitter, but seriously, I am more than shameless, I am anti-shamed.
  • *passes out from teh horror*
  • Oh, dear, BlueHorse has fainted! And a damn fine faint it was... or is that faint praise?
  • *whispers* Teh horror! There ya go, foop. That's a damned faint phrase.
  • No, THIS... *whispers*Oh God, Oh God, Oh God faint prays.
  • Oh, yeah?!!! Well these are paint sprays! Put THAT in your pipe and joke it.