July 07, 2012

The Hereford Mappa Mundi The Hereford Mappa Mundi (more, more). From the BBC's the Beauty of Maps.
  • I forget how to make posts properly how to make posts properly.
  • Needs more much more background! Ya done good, quidnunc. Yah, done good! For pocket change, you too, could have one of the limited edition copies! Unfortunately, the CD-ROM version is out on Amazon, probably because it was a bit more affordable.
  • That link to cartographic-images.net is the juice, BlueHorse. I must go to see this fabulous world-cloth in situ sometime.
  • Take me with you? lubs me some mappes
  • Two thoughts: (a) How can the BBC (The B B fricken C for chrissakes) not know the difference between a compass and a pair of compasses? "Hey - you copy editors - get of my lawn". (b) Wasn't that a song by The Bangles? "Just Another Mappa Mundi (Wish it was Sunday) etc."
  • In these parts Hereford usually refers to these guys. The Mappa Mundi, while probably not as tasty, is much more interesting though.
  • Wasn't that a song by The Bangles? Heh heh! I beg you to re-write the whole lyric!